A to Z Challenge: P

Pulp Fiction:

One of the popular must watch movies.  A film directed by Quentin Tarantino known more for it’s non-linear storyline and the language used in it.

A movie with humor and irony splashed all over that it won’t make you flinch even at the violence in it. Movie begins with a couple planning to rob a diner and end with the same couple threatened by Jules (Samuel L Jackson) with his famous dialogue with the motherfucker wallet.

It has pretty much everything. drug overdose, rape(not the usual one) bible quotes, the very famous trunk shot, blood shed, retro dance, war crime, boxing, betting, sentiment and what not.

#that enna da illa indha padathula moment!



Another one of those golden Kamal-Crazy Mohan combination movies.

Starting from the hijack scene where one of the pilots sing “irandu peyar undu. thuppakiyil gundu… airhostess rendu. edhachum pannu….” till the last rhymes sort of kudumba paatu sung by Nagesh everything is just way too comical for real life.

“Reddy-oda blue sister… blue saree pota sister, oru pacha driver-oda odi poita..


ah! pachaiyappa. odi poi romba naal aachu paru. marandhuduchu”

Ultimate timing sense comedy delivered in the perfect way possible. And that is mostly how a bunch of close friends will talk if they are get together.

I once had a minor accident and so a friend of mine took me to his house and made me lie down. I had a possible concussion so he was not letting me fall asleep. At one point the guy was patting on my back thinking that will keep me awake. His name being Prabu Ram I said “Apdiye thatti oru kadha sollu rams!” making both of us laugh. Well it did hurt for me to laugh at that point!



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