A to Z Challenge: R


I sure had such a hard time learning to pronounce this name at first. I was still in school and that was pretty much the time broadband internet was introduced. My brother somehow managed to download a very nice print of this movie and copied it to a CD.
Since I loved anything related to cooking this was more than just a favorite movie for me at that time. A simple moto of “Anybody can cook!” that pushes a rat to cook and become the chief of a restaurant as well.

I then googled the name. Ratatouille (pronounced as rat-a-too-eee) is actually a vegetable stew that is baked to perfection. More of a one pot dish like briyani for us.
Pixar had one more proved that animation movies can make you feel more stuff than normal ones. That too with a nice happy ending like a vikraman movie.


Raja Rani

It was one of those movies that was a bit over hyped. It created enough ruckus with the tweets saying Nayanthara and Arya were getting married. Given that Atlee had enough fans through his short films on youtube, I went in with some big expectations. Too Bad!

It was a spoof version of Mouna Ragam with the Hero also having some tragic love story history (STD)
I bet everyone enjoyed Nayanthara-Jai story more than anything. The girls ganging up on a guy from a call center and the guy trying to handle it all is just too hilarious. It happens to be one of those segments I watch when I am utterly bored and need a good laugh.

There is this one scene where the daughter says “Nee shave pannu. Na kalyanam pannikren” That line gives more meaning to the father-daughter relationship than it intended to. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the tamil version of that scene on youtube. Just download the whole movie and see na…



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