A to Z Challenge: O

I have been pondering on this letter for a while now. I have three movies in this list. Well wth! Let me talk about all three.


Om Shanti Om: 

For some strange reason the Shanthi does not have a H in it. Reminds me of a stand up comedy show I saw where he was discussing the same mysterious ignorance of H(echu) in our names. The famous Sharukh movie that introduced Deepika Padukone and became a box office hit. I was in 11th std I think. Because the first time I saw it, it was late at night and I was copying notes to my observation notebook. For our biology teacher even the observation has to be maintained neatly like a frigging record notebook. So there I was sitting and using all colored ink pens and glitter pens (yes she liked them!)
As I was writing it down the item song starring Sharukh came up and instead of writing the actual topic I ended up writing about some plant under the topic “Pain of Disco”
I realized my mistake only after finishing the whole experiment. :-/  I had been drooling at that guy’s unnatural abs all along I guess.

Another famous thing about this movie is the song where a lot of Bollywood stars decided to make an appearance making it a main reason for people watching the movie. I mean that is cool. They tried that trick in last century hit Kuselan and failed miserably.


One Missed Call

Again one of those scary movies I had to watch during the Halloween week night shift. This Japanese remake film is scary enough to not ever get that ringtone in your phone. Except there was a moron in my office who had that same exact ringtone for a while and apparently I was the only one who recognized that wretched tune.

There will be one scene where the guy would look through the peep hole and will get stabbing right in the eye through the peep hole. Goiyale! Even today when I have to look through the peep hole at my place one small beedhi comes…

Epdi ellam yosikranunga paru!

Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

Finally a movie that talks from a girl’s perspective. A school girl has a huge crush on her village stud and goes about to marry him at the end. I could totally relate to this love story though. How much a girl will try to get her first crush to turn into first love.
How crazy she could get? How depressed she could go with the heart break that he will never look at you that way?

Well it is a cute movie. Nothing big is there. Just comical incidents gathered together as a movie.
An all time favorite song comes from this movie!


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