300 days in a week! 

Okay so I am typing this from my phone. So please please don't mind the typos. I just finished reading this beautiful novel called 300 Days written by Bragadeesh. Now I have known this guy for a bit of time and I have read a little bit from his current work in progress. But when … Continue reading 300 days in a week! 


A Hearty Meal

Living by yourself has its ups and downs. While you enjoy most of the stuff, cooking and cleaning are two co-related things that would make you sigh. I had some cupcakes to be delivered. So working from home I did not have much time to cook anything up. I had to sit with my laptop … Continue reading A Hearty Meal

The Red Saree

Previously...Annie was getting ready to meet her fiance at the art gallery. As she finished putting on the red lipstick she checked the time. She still had a good one hour to go. The sky was pretty dark already. "I better get a cab before it starts raining." she thought. ***Not wasting a minute Prakash fished out his … Continue reading The Red Saree

A to Z Challenge: L

Lucy:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVt32qoyhi0 What do I not like about this movie? Although the subject/concept is almost keeping a whole cauliflower on your ear it is very much possible from what I have read. And who better could have portrayed the powerful female character than our very own Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson... This is one of … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: L