A to Z Challenge: M

My Neighbor Totoro: 

Have you ever wanted to go Awwww at a movie? Then shut up and go watch this beautiful beautiful piece of art. A Hayao Miyazaki movie that is way too cute for any anime movie.

This would make a nice wallpaper for any baby room!

Two little girls move from the city to a village and discover the adorableness of mother nature, meet a nice giant by the name Totoro who helps them when they are in trouble.

A studio Ghibli movie that definitely tops my list of feel good movies to watch when you feel down….


Micheal Madhana Kamarajan: 

Now that i spoke about a feel good movie, I should talk about the evergreen movie that always makes everyone laugh their heart out.

Four different character, four dialects, four backgrounds and one guy pulls it off so casually.

Micheal – the petty criminal
Madhan – the peter rich fellow with an accent
Raju – the firefighter who then pretends to be Madhan
Kameshwaran – the part malayalee cook who is pretty much the most adored character of all

I even know  blog that gave meanings of the Paalakaatu slang words. I forgot the url.. will be sharing it soon.


Poda inji
nee sukku…
ha ha ha ha


3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: M

  1. Epic Raji 🙂

    Amma, Palakkad na part-Malayalee illai 🙂 It is a separate identity 🙂

    Was the My Friend Totoro movie in the HDD?? Don’t recollect copying the movie. Irundhurda would have copied it, I think.

    PS- Part-4 on Gils’ blog was just too good 🙂 I am tempted to ask you to write part five and six and let Gils close with part-7 🙂 Seventh round la kadhai mudiyuma?? 🙂


    • it was there in HDD… not sure how you missed it.. planning to download other ghibli movies.. will give you.
      part 5 already he wrote.. oru part ezhudhardhuke kashtama irundhuchu pa.. podhum.. let him continue and finish it 🙂
      But thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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