A to Z Challenge: L


What do I not like about this movie? Although the subject/concept is almost keeping a whole cauliflower on your ear it is very much possible from what I have read.
And who better could have portrayed the powerful female character than our very own Black Widow aka Scarlett Johansson…
This is one of the few english movies that interested my father to great extent. A concept so bizarre and yet possible in human ways makes one doesn’t want to take their eyes off the screen.

L for lady.. and two movies that gives out powerful female character portrayal.. Coincidence only people…


Legally Blonde: 

One of those random movies I picked out to watch when I was alone in my hostel room. I was thankful for my brother to have given a hard disk full of movies that was categorized by the genre. A comedy film also depicting feminism (the right kind) is a pretty fun watch as we see how a blonde can be what she wants if she puts her heart into it.
Never under estimate the power of a common girl! 😛



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