1. The Knot

“I have no idea how mom managed to look so elegant in this heavy ass saree man!” Sanjana complained as the beautician smiled and pinned the saree in place. 
Just then a bespectacled girl enters the room. “Its time Sanjana…” she smiles. 
“You go on ahead Veni… I will come…” 
“No I am supposed to bring you to the mandapam. Mom’s instructions…” 
“Geeze.. Its not like I am going to run off ma…” Sanjana complained again and got up. 
“Oh no no… It is part of the tradition. Sister in law should escort the bride.” She grinned as she did a bit of touch up to herself. 
Veni escorts her to the stage where she sees Krish listening to the pandit. She could see that he is trying hard to control his tears thanks to the smoke coming from the homam. Once she is all settled next to him “If I cry I’ll ruin my makeup.How much longer of this puja?” she asked. 
“God knows. I don’t remember it being this long for my brother.” 
He was about to say something when his mother shushed him from behind making Sanjana giggle all the more. 
She didn’t feel like she was sitting through her marriage. Instead she felt like sitting through a boring lecture with a close buddy and trying to make conversation so that one doesn’t fall asleep and get caught. 
There was a long silence between them as they listened to all that the purohidhar said and asked them to do. 
One of her father’s closest friends had agreed upon giving her hand away. 
As he came up to do the kanikka dhaanam he had tears in his eyes. 
Sanjana was happy that her father had left her in the care of such a soft hearted person. 
The purohidhar gave the mangal sutra aka thaali to Krish. 
“Here it goes…” Sanjana spoke to herself. 
“Did I tell you that you look unusually pretty today?” Kris told her before tying the the yellow thread around her neck while Sanjana just looked at him not knowing how to react to his little comment. 
This would be the second time he has complimented her in the time she had known him. 
The comment startled her very much. She just got married to her friend and already things are starting to sound different from before… 

“Oh What am I signing up for?” she thought as she heard people congratulating her and forced a smile like she had been doing for the past two days. 

Up Next – The Night

Just a series I am starting. A random plot that got into my head after I finished reading a book named Gachar Gochar. Hope you all like it. 
Oh Exulansis means when there isn’t an actual word for what we try to explain. Suits me and the story! Or when I come up with a better name would change it to that. 

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