A to Z Challenge: K


One of those classic love stories where attu boy gets richu girl after a lot of troubles. Every guy at one point of time would have tried to sing Ennavale song to woo a girl. Every single guy who lived in the 90s. This movie is strictly a 90s feel it all movie. Starting from Vadivel’s classification of girls, to Prabhu’s fantasy girl who happens to be the daughter of a governor who plays with a deer inside her freaking house for fun, to the torture the lovers have to endure and last but not least the way they showed how people literally worship NTR…

While is everyone is going Premam daw… Malar daw… Celine daw…. I will say that this movie bags the award for best portrayed love story at all times for me. When all go gaga over Malare song, this song makes me feel fuzzy and warm even today.



Karate Kid: 

A movie that came out before Jaden Smith did. Now I am talking about the movie that came out a bit recently and not the actual Karate Kid series. Although that one is better, I felt this one is my favourite because of Jackie Chan..

All the same story but the presence of my childhood icon just made everything so much better. I begged a friend of mine to accompany me to this movie and once it was over we walked for over 3 km to grab some lunch.
Whats more memorable about this movie is that my parents like it as much as I do. Although it was an attempt by Will Smith to make his son a good actor and such, it just ain’t happening homie….


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