A to Z Challenge: J

This post is going to be about two movies that totally concentrate on women and their needs, their emotions in its own way. Read on…


A coming of age, teen pregnancy movie. Almost everyone would have watched this movie at one point of time. I haven’t met a single soul yet who claimed to have never heard of this movie.
What starts off as a teen comedy drama turns into full pledge drama and frankly its beautiful in a way. How a teenager handles the changes and tackles problems. How head strong she happens to be…
One of my friends got pregnant and started calling the baby a worm after the first scan. Apparently thats how the baby would look in the first couple months. To make her stop, we started calling the baby as junior and slowly it morphed into Juno.
When the baby was born and we saw that it was a girl, it just felt so nice. A girl we used to call Juno and all I can do is to hope that she also turns out to be as strong as the character in the movie is…

Oh the dialogues in the movie are either outright hilarious or so thoughtful that you would question everything about life. 



Jenifer’s Body: 

This movie makes me laugh pretty much every time I watch it. I had once tweeted that I was watching it and a friend texted me saying I am going to have fun with a winking smiley.
That is before I knew it was a horror movie, or the demon in Jennifer’s body would woo guys using sex and it does get a bit steamy for people to watch it with family members sitting next to them. While I watched it on TV where most stuff is censored my friend kept teasing me for it’s sensual content.

And I am certainly not opening images to attach here.. Google it yourself and drool…



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