A Hearty Meal

Living by yourself has its ups and downs. While you enjoy most of the stuff, cooking and cleaning are two co-related things that would make you sigh.

I had some cupcakes to be delivered. So working from home I did not have much time to cook anything up. I had to sit with my laptop all day. That is when I thought I will order from Lunch Pi which happens to be a food delivery service located at Perungudi.

Going through their menu, I decided I will have a combo that consisted of stuffed paratha and a chicken masala. For a dry item, I thought I will go for the chicken tikka. I was in no mood for pasta. Or my option would have been the yummy looking Penne alfredo.

The person who attended my call was pretty courteous and asked me to text them the address. Which is pretty nice given that my surrounding was a bit noisy and I did not have to yell into the phone. Within the promised time the food was delivered.

The packing was really neat. I might be recycling the cardboard box to store my art supplies mostly 😛 It is sturdy…

IMG_7794 IMG_7796 IMG_7797 IMG_7798 IMG_7799 IMG_7800

The food was nice and hot when I opened it. The stuffed paratha (4 pieces) and the butter chicken masala was just too good and was enough for two people actually. Since I was so hungry I was able to finish them all by myself. 😀
The chicken tikka, well marinated was juicy and was complete with the mint chutney provided in a neat foil package and not the usual plastic containers other shops would give. I even saved the tikka for later. I was pretty full by the time I finished the paratha.

The costing was pretty reasonable for the given items and the quantity provided.

I can safely say that I would be ordering from them again…



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