300 days in a week! 

Okay so I am typing this from my phone. So please please don’t mind the typos. I just finished reading this beautiful novel called 300 Days written by Bragadeesh. Now I have known this guy for a bit of time and I have read a little bit from his current work in progress. But when he offered to give me a copy of his first novel before it got published I denied and told him i want to grab a copy and read it once it was out on the shelves. And boy was it worth the wait.

A love story so soft that it became my bed time read. It was so breezy and pleasant that I slept with a smile on my face for the past few days. I would have finished it in one sitting if I did not have office the next day and forced myself to sleep.

A realistic love story between Jai and Sravani, although none of us would remember her as Sravani… She would be lovingly called and remembered as chilakamma. This novel brought back memories of me sneaking up computer time to talk to my cousin and pen pal on gtalk because they lived somewhere outside TN and one message would cost one rupee. I started remembering the night long conversations I had with friends via our landline and prayed that the bill didn’t shoot up because of us.

Such a well written tale is sort of relatable for a lot of people I guess. Almost everyone crossing the age of 25 would have a love story like this. A strong sense of attraction that is totally unexplainable but it would feel so right that you would do anything to be with that person for the rest of your life.

Being from the male protagonists point of view it was a nice portrayal of how a guy’s thought process would be.

If this book was ever adapted into a movie, it would definitely make my list of feel good movies. It is that pleasant and touching. Now it won’t make you cry buckets. But you will feel sad when Jai felt sad. You would feel helpless looking at his helplessness. That is how it would make you feel.

This is one of those stories that made me smile at the end. A smile that reminded me of what true love was.

Hats off Brags….



Oh by the way… Grab you copy of this book here.


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