Control your temper

So this is in response to the Daily Prompt Angry

I am a hot head. Anyone who has interacted with me for a while knows that. My school slam books and journals will have this particular line in every single entry. “Please control your short temper”

But then controlling my temper has always been a problem for me. In my case I don’t control it. I just know to suppress it and one day it just erupts like a volcano burning any bridge there was to begin with. Also I am known to nuke bridges. Not just burn them. Is it because I got angry with that person? Nah…

I do so because I was sad. And to get rid of the sadness I will make sure to destroy everything in my life that relates to that person. People who look from a distance thinks its anger and temper. But it never is. I get angry because this person just made me sad. Being frustrated and sad leads to anger. Not hatred or jealousy. Those lead to worse emotions.

I used to read all those self help books that quoted the same story of hammering nails into a tree or a piece of wood and removing them leaving holes in them. Okay… It is always about the recipient. Never about what pushed this person to get harsh. An always angry person like the emotion from Inside Out never gets an earful. Its always the usually cool people who lose their cool.

I will never understand this society who are okay with people who are always harsh and lose their minds when I swear because I am pissed.


6 thoughts on “Control your temper

  1. Now, why doesn’t that surprise me? You’ve always struck me as a person who wears her heart on her sleeve; and perhaps anger is part of that emotion too.
    Stay the same, Raji 🙂


  2. You haven’t lost relationships by being you. You have just lost them. Period. If you can’t be yourself, then who are you supposed to be?? Just be you. ALWAYS. It’s who you are. Don’t change yourself just to fit someone in your life. 🙂 ❤

    P.S. Picatttooooooo! *runs away* (in response to your post) 😀

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