Something Daring

Its funny that my 100th post should be about the prompt  Adventure .

I am not this physically active type. Not an athlete and extremely out of shape. So if there is a tremendous trek involved in any journey I would think a lot. That too when I was under seizure meds, I altogether avoided travelling anywhere.

But then not all adventures need to involve a travel or physically exhausting experience. For me a recent adventure was to board a bus in order to go to a friend’s place. She lived a good 20 km away from my place. I didn’t want to spend a lot on cab. So I took a share auto to reach the nearest bus stop. When the bus came I saw that it was way too crowded and didn’t step in. But it was getting hotter by the minute and I had to get to her place for lunch. So I got into the next bus after a wait of 20 minutes. Finding a seat by the window I sat down and asked the conductor to inform me when I arrive at my destination.

I have been scared to board another bus again in my life. I have been molested enough on buses to come back home and collapse from crying. Although I was spending half my salary on taxi fares, I preferred them over emotionally exhausting public transports. Now I am no daring heroine from Indian cinema who would slap or raise her voice against her molester. The only thing a person like me could do is stand as far away as possible from that guy and hope he will leave me alone.

When I got off the bus and walked to my friend’s place I felt like I had achieved something so big that I almost cried from the happiness. Its not a big deal for many of you. But for me, that 45 min bus journey proved that I can somehow get over my fears and live my life happily.

One need not jump off a cliff or walk into the forest to feel the adrenaline rush. Sometimes overcoming your own anxiety is the real adventure everyone has to take.


4 thoughts on “Something Daring

  1. Sometimes, overcoming anxieties is a much better adventure than a roller coaster ride 🙂 I am so proud of you. You know that so I don’t need to tell you in detail 🙂 It is such small steps that will eventually help you with bigger obstacles, my dearest.


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