A to Z Challenge: I

I think I am the only one to still be doing A to Z challenge. But meh!! Who cares..

Definitely not going to talk or rant about the epic called I…. That you can find here

Inglorious Bastards:

I am not a big fan of war films. Its usually depressing and gory.
This alternate ending historical movie was anything but depressing. A movie with a little bit gore but Tarantino special bloodshed scenes show that a little bit extra effort from victims killing off Hitler.

Brad Pitt and his slang makes you want to have subtitles for this movie itself. The theater massacre and all feels a bit too much and a lot more dramatic, but then this movie deserves that for the heavy plot line it is dealing with.
One scene that made me understand how sharp these military fellows could be is this one.



Another one of those evergreen movies that is celebrated for every single aspect present in it. Be it the strong dialogues, the acting, the visual effects used in songs, the songs as well, the humor, the message sent across, the plot, the portrayal of characters. What not?
There is absolutely nothing in this film that makes me go “they could have done this better”

What i still quote from the movie is the sequence between Goundamani and Senthil.

“Good Morning Officer…”
“Panni selvam ngra unga azhagana per ah kaiezhutha podunga”
“Rrrrrr irrr ah vitute ya”


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