A to Z Challenge: H


One of those movies that would make you cry like a baby. Well if you don’t cry that would say two things. You don’t have a heart. You don’t have a soul.
he he he
This is a movie about the legendary Hachiko who waited for his master for 10 years after his master died. Soon after you are done watching the movie you would seriously consider getting a dog. I mean who wouldn’t want a soul that loves you unconditionally?
Hachi – meaning eight is a lost puppy taken in by a professor parker. The bond between the professor and the dog is shown in such a beautiful way that one would think the professor was lucky enough to find him.



How to Train your Dragon:

Where do i begin? This is one more of my feel good movies. What, with the puppy dog expressions a dragon gives and it plays with other dragons like a kitten does. (I should know how a kitten probes stuff… I have two devils at home)
And then the character development they show… Oh my god. Even the appearance was so good. In the HD version you can almost see the hair bristles on hiccup’s chin. Goiyale… How do they freaking do this? The last time I noticed so much details in an animation movie was Tangled.
He he… One of those movies that explain loyalty in its own twisted nice way.

P.S: I will finish this series within 2016. I hope!



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