A to Z Challenge: G

These are movies thats aired on TV when its not some special weekend or no good movie is out or no award show videos are available. I have watched both these movies more than a dozen times and it has always been on cable only.


The story of the big lizard that becomes a threat to mankind. I am talking about the Godzilla that was released in 1998 and not any of its predecessors. None of them were as cool as this one for some strange reason (personal opinion boss)
My favorite character happens to be that of Jean Reno and Hank Azaria. Mostly Jean. His witty remarks from time to time were pretty fun back then. But now they would pretty much sound lame (almost like my blog) The thick french accent and the man with a quick plan is what his character is.
What made this movie a complete turn off for me was the fact (something I learnt pretty recently) that all those godzilla sounds were actually turtles/tortoises having sex. Honestly CHILDHOOD RUINED moment for me.



Apparently its spelled with a h. One of those decent Vijay movies that won’t make you scorn more than you would for Theri or any of his recent flicks (Thuppaki is one exception though)
gilliAdingu! Gilli is a game da. Risk taker am. You really come across such comedies when you google your favorite old movies. Should sit and do an extensive research some other time.
The remake movie that was hyped more than the original was good but not as good as the original starring Mahesh Babu and Bhoomika.

That guy who comes as Prakash Raj’s Henchman is my favorite. Dude started doing roles as hero friend and all later on. he he he. Talk about good opportunities.


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