A to Z Challenge: D

Devil Wears Prada: Another one of those feel good movies for me. A movie based on Lauren Weisberger's novel starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway (two of my big time favorite actresses) I don't get whats with Anne and all these makeover related roles she does. Although it suits her, the whole ugly duckling image … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: D


My little Sanctuary

Lately my life has been falling apart step by step. Almost in a systematic way. Getting rejected is one thing. But not even getting a response hurts on a whole new level. Because rejection leaves you no space to develop a hope of any sort. The prospect of getting a positive reply and then never … Continue reading My little Sanctuary

A to Z Challenge: E

I am not going to write about Eega or Exorcist as well. Both of them have spoiled my sense of logic and vision to a great extent and the one time I had to endure those flicks was enough punishment for me. I won't talk about them anymore. Both the movies thats gonna be discussed … Continue reading A to Z Challenge: E