A to Z Challenge: F

Five centimeter per second:

In the year 2012(or 2011,not sure) I befriended a movie freak on twitter. We spoke a lot about movies and I enjoyed listening to his passion that we would talk for hours together. One fine day he asked me to watch this anime movie called 5 cm per second and come back so we could chat about it. I also got a warning from him that I need to watch it in the best picture quality I could get my hands on.
Busting the last data I had, I watched this awesomatic aaromale of the movie and oh god! I still can’t coin a term for how I felt when the credits rolled and that song started playing.
The movie based on a manga was made with such detail you would feel yourself transported to Japan and would dream about standing under those cherry blossom trees. (It is still in my bucket list to visit Japan during the Sakura bloom season)

The story revolving around four prominent characters, their emotions, their take on life. It is so practical that you would root for all of them and would find yourself not able to side with any one of them. A must watch for a person who is looking for passionate emotions in a movie.





Now this is not the amreecan tv series. This is the tamil movie that proved that a film could be known for its comedy track alone in spite of having two big time heroes in it. I bet everyone would watch this movie till Vadivel’s part and the change the channel once it gets over. Because after that the movie gets just plain boring.
Somehow that guy brought in terms that are being used in daily conversations.
One of those movies that never bores anyone no matter what. The first half is literally used a godown for memes.


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