The Day Dream

“Will you be my date?” he asked her holding her hand in his.
She was confused. “Did you get short term remembering loss? We have been dating for the past eight months.” Mandira went back to drinking her cold coffee.
Kiran laughed at her reply. “I was asking you to be my date for Sujay’s wedding.”
That stopped her slurping for a moment. “Won’t you be going with your buddies?”
“Well most of them are either married or engaged and would be accompanied by their significant other.”
“Oh…” she was fiddling with her ring. The ring with which Kiran had proposed to her last month.
“You don’t want to?”
“Not like that. It’s just…” she let the sentence trail. She really did not have a reason. She was just hesitant.
“This would be the best occasion. We can go public with our relationship.” He beamed for a moment.
She went down in her seat while mumbling “You can just change relationship status in facebook for that na.”
He started laughing at her embarrassment.
“Why are you scared? You know almost everyone in my group right?”
“That is exactly why I am not willing to go. They all knew very well how big of a crush I had on you back then. The entire school knew. Except you!” she almost covered her face knowing she was blushing.
Kiran sat next to Mandira. “Look… There is nothing to be embarrassed about. We have known each other since school. Have been dating for almost a year now. My mom adores you for god-knows-what reason and your family seems to be happy about our engagement. So let me flaunt you to my friends… Please?”
“I am not some iPhone to flaunt you know…” she raised her eyebrow.
“No.. You are not. You are not as good as an iPhone.”
Now she got upset. “Is it?”
“No… You will never be… You are much more than a flimsy phone. You are my life. C’mon…”

“C’mon Mandy…” Mandira was shook back to reality by her friend. She hadn’t realized that she had been staring at Kiran for so long and none of her friends actually noticed it. 
“Oh I am not coming. You guys go and dance.” she encouraged them to leave her alone. 
That was a pretty elaborate day dream to have during a school reunion. She looked back again to find the hero of her dreams still talking on his iPhone. But that was when she saw that he had been looking at her the entire time. 

May be he too had the same dream as her. 


A really short story. And I got stuck with the ending part for quite a bit. Thanks to Kishor who helped me finish it well. And also made me sit and write it as well. 


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