Color it off!

I just realized I keep adding exclamation points to most of my blog post titles. Oh well that is just me being me! Always expressive, always taking everything to heart and head and getting heated up over the tiniest of things. Short temper has been one of my most problematic traits. And pent up anger just lead me to get more depressed and not so me…

So that is where I started involving myself into a lot of hobbies. Knitting, baking, drawing, coloring, doodling… When I started doodling, I also did some research on it. How it is very relaxing and helps relieve stress. So I thought I will get some of those adult coloring books that were getting trendy by the time.

Right now I have 3 books already. But none of them were from any Indian Artist. Until I got my hands on the fourth book.


This Madhubani based coloring book includes designs from Indian Culture and Mandala base. The best part about this book is the paper quality. As I have mentioned earlier, I own a couple more coloring books. The Varnikaa was able to withstand any medium I used (color pencils, fine liners, sketch pens, water colors) and did not have any blotting issue. I did not get any impression on the back of the paper. This was one issue I was facing with any other coloring book. I was forced to use only color pencils or crayons. This book gives me complete freedom to use anything and everything.

I was pretty happy with that. Deepika also sells customized gifts that are hand made/ hand painted using eco-friendly items. The Varnikaa Store could be accessed here.

You can buy this book here.


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