Sit back, Relax and Clap!

Imagine receiving a message from your SO that he has a surprise date idea for the next day. But there you are sitting with your laptop at home and you are going to be held up with work late into the night as well.

Where or how in the world are you going to get all the grooming done? One cannot get a last minute appointment with a beauty parlor that too after 6 pm. This is where services like Urban Clap come in real handy.

I had the whole week and the weekend packed and was sitting at home sending out mail after mail. So I thought why not get the grooming done at the comfort of my den and browsed through the Urban Clap app. They even have a date night package that consists of arms and legs waxing(liposoluble) along with facial threading. I chose the more economical monthly wax package. Nothing special was in my schedule anyways.

I promptly received a message with the booking details. Within few minutes a beautician was assigned and a message with her details was also sent. The beautician also called and confirmed the time slot with me once.

She was right on time. I showed her the room. She started preparing her work station. Neatly spreading a sheet and preparing the wax and what not.

The best part of this service is that beautician refused to even dispose off the wax strips in my garbage bin. She said it would lead to ant infestation and took it with her saying she would dispose it off herself. I did not have much to clean up after she left.

The app was pretty good with the neat categories and the selection process of services. Starting from packers and movers to Auditors and even Divorce Lawyers, they have a wide range of services to offer.

You can download the app from here or here.



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