A to Z Challenge: C

Charlie’s Angels:

Well pretty much everyone would have seen this absolute gem on K TV in Tamil. Specifically the dubbing was the best part in this movie. Every dialogue would sound even funnier and sleazier in the tamil version. K TV used to have this program at 7pm every sunday where they discuss some recent English movie. And those movies would have been dubbed and oh god! Those were the times my mom did not mind us watching hollywood movies.

“Ippo parandhu odhaika poren!”

Good times indeed! Even now once in a month Sony Pix would air these movies. Both the parts.


Cloud Atlas:

So this wonderful piece of art was introduced to me by a friend. He is a movie buff and said it was a different kind of movie and I should check it out. So me being the curious person put this movie on and sat on night. It was just wow! I mean when people said that they did not understand it, I just scoffed. It is beautiful in its own way when you watch it without looking at your mobile phone for long. Well at that time I was a miserable loner and usually had no idea where my phone was. So my focus was all on the movie alone.

The various narrations and the connection point between each stories. No words to explain it. Well this guy did it and here it is.

The credits scene was something to catch up in this movie. To realize that you missed out on all those characters played by the same people. You will definitely go “Really?? that was him?”



P.S: Hopefully I finish this series as soon as possible. I hate myself for doing this for so long! 😛


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