Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

After a heated debate about me not being patriotic (oh I love India, I am just not patriotic) for wishing to watch a movie that apparently has a Pakistani cast on a whatsapp group I was pretty scared to ask anyone to accompany me. I mean its a romance dripping movie and I really did not want to watch it alone.

But as always I went and saw it alone because a traitor friend of mine left me and saw the flick on Deepavali day. Traitor also warned me that the story was nothing new. But I would like it.
Oh! I liked it alright. The movie was pretty colorful, set in places where I will never set foot. I mean with my salary going to places like London, Paris and Vienna is like a long lost dream. Yet everyone in the movie is so well off to live in groovy apartments and villas while none of them have this normal day job at all. Everyone is getting to live such a life from arts (Don’t ask me what in the world Anushka does. Even she does not know)


So this girl- Alizeh, who goes off to London to practice yoga, bollywood zumba and french meets the MBA pursuing Ayan and they both click pretty much immediately. They also have this wicked sense of judgement where when they cheat on their partners it is okay, but when their partners snog its an offence and these two dump them. Enaku vandha ratham unaku vandha thakkali chutney daw!

The two knuckle heads go to Paris in a private jet but stay in the same room coz budget yo… (adingu) And oh yeah… Ofcourse Alizeh should meet her ex who is a DJ and does not own a trimmer to trim that thick beard of his in Paris. And she decides he is a better kisser than Ayan and goes off with him. Ayan is all heart broken because the girl friend zoned him from the beginning. But he badly needs to get into her pants. So when she invites him to her wedding to be the only person representing the bride’s side our hero goes there, sings a nice gaana and proposes. Ofcourse she turns him down because she has to get married and he gives her the finger. (Adei… vera enna da panna solre)
Our Ayan is this wonderful cry baby who would cry to any good looking hot stranger because they are hot. So he does that with Saba, a poetess who travels in business class to Vienna. They both hook up. And is he happy with it? Nope!

He shows off his new found relationship to Alizeh after months of cold shoulder. Again she says no to him when he tries to force her. You think this is strike three and he will be out? Nope. Sadly the only sane and clear minded character in the movie happens to be Saba and she bows out. Actually she dumps him.
Years go by and Ayan becomes a youtube sensation by singing four songs over and over again for such a long time.
Once he learns that Alizeh is single again he goes on to stalking mode and waits on some terrace. Goiyale they should have ended the movie there. But no. The director was adamant on making it exactly like Rockstar. Ofcourse the girl is dying and has cancer. Oh if someone has cancer the only difference in them is that they shave their head. But otherwise will look very healthy. Not even a bit pale. Nope.

So Ayan takes care of the sick girl and thinks that will lead to some sympathy sex. But the girl is adamant on it. The borderline abuse happens and only when the girl decides she has had it with abusive irritating partners and she has run out of money to buy new trench coat she is on a plane to India. Pulls off a Rachel and gets off the flight blaming the cancer.

And for an interview about one’s music the hero finishes talking about his sex life pulling off a Ted Mosby!

Oh the movie was fun. But if you think about what the hell you just watched a little later, you will feel exactly like this. The costumes, oh the costumes were all wonderful. Asymmetric collar is in people.
I still don’t understand why they had to make an issue about an actor who actually just made an extended cameo in the movie!

Nalla than iruku. Aana ivalo izhukaama irundhurkalam.


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