La La Land

After all the  ga ga over La La Land, I wanted to watch it before people spoiled it on social media. Though I missed the first 15 minutes, I went in time for the beautiful piano piece by Ryan. (Heard I missed a very good song 😦 )

Being a musical dramatic stuff is expected. But the trick is to make it magical enough to let the audience get enthralled. So involved that we stop looking for logic. We just feel the fantastical feeling that the lead characters to through.

The songs ever so beautifully sung and choreographed.

You basically travel with Mia and Sebastin. Laugh with them. Cry for them. Root for them. Hope for them and pray that their dreams come true. As if it were your own.

The songs that stuck to me and would most probably end up in my all time playlist would be ‘City Of Stars’ and ‘Fools Who Dream’

That deep voice and the lyrics is just so scintillating. Wow! I am using so many adjectives in this post. But that is what its all about. The story might be simple. But the emotions conveyed. Both with the help of songs/music and the acting…

For all the dreamers out there. This is a song that would resonate with you.

Mia and Sebastian’s theme music is beyond what I am capable of describing. For some strange reason piano music makes me feel a lot of emotions. this movie was basically backed by piano only. The scores were amazing and helped emphasise the story much more.

As dramatic as the movie was, the realistic ending would make anyone tear up. The epilogue they show is a big consolation. Yet we would be happy. A sweet ending that everyone would just accept and be happy about.

I just really hope that everyone watches this movie. Fall in love, get your heart broken, convince yourself that it was a beautiful experience while it lasted and go back about our lives.

La La Land – a land of dreams where anyone and everyone can relate to.

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