A to Z Challenge: A


So this will be the last post of the series. Finally I made myself finish something I started off (even though its the end of 2016 and I was supposed to get to this post by April 30th)

But that is alright. I have to juggle between multiple stuff as it is and this year has been particularly eventful. So I am happy with the result. Another reason to be glad is that today’s movies are my absolute favorite. And anyone who watches these movies will feel good when the credits roll and you would probably sit through that as well because your eyes might be blurry with tears 😀


Anbe Sivam: 

Literally translated to Love is God. A movie with such a strong story line, and even better characters. The dialogue “Neengalum Kadavul” is something we gotta preach on a daily basis in our lives. Everyone has a good side and a bad side. All of us have an angel and a devil within us and it is our choice to exploit one of them.
As we go on the journey with Nallasivam and Anbarasu you get to glance at both their perspectives. Nalla’s life being more on the interesting side of the rainbow while Arasu’s life is pretty much what we all lead. A meaningless one! By the time the movie gets over you would want to meet Mr.Sivam in person. Atleast I wanted to meet such a person in hopes that his optimism rubs off a little on me at least.

But more than the lead male characters I loved Mehrun (I think thats her name in the movie) played by Uma Riyazkhan the most. To have that one tomboyish female friend who speaks her heart out is a boon!

Although you don’t see her for more than 20 min in the movie, I loved her and there have been times I sat down to watch the movie just for her.
A lot of dialogues are to remember but the one that stuck with me is the one where the TTR gives them the timings for the train. Still haven’t figured it out how it made any sense. (I remember the most unimportant stuff only)

If I am writing about my favorite movies, there is no frigging way I am leaving out this gem of a movie. This french film was nominated for a number of academy awards and a friend of mine kept talking about it. It didn’t win an oscar but it did get a good amount of fan base.
I had downloaded it but never got the chance to watch it. C’mon watching a french movie when I had LOTR was not gonna happen. I did not know what sort of movie it was. I did not bother to learn as well. Fast forward a couple years and I am in the hospital room taking care of my father. The situation was a bit sad and depressing for me. After making a 50 year old man eat and sleep you pretty much have nothing to do in a hospital room. So I switched on the tv and there she was. Doing what she does best. Bringing a smile on both my face and my father’s face. (He woke up at one point and enjoyed watching the movie)

The way Amélie brings about happiness and gathers her happiness from that was just too warm for me at that point. Even now it feels good.
And now i got no words to describe how this particular movie made me feel that day. It takes more than just a good story to make someone forget their sadness and smile genuinely. And thanks to Amélie Poulain I am smiling even now.

Watch this movie to understand what I am trying to say here.




And this concludes my A-Z challenge. Took me long enough I suppose. But then it is over now.

I can finally sleep in peace.


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