Some day!

Not sure how many of you have read or seen the Mahabharatha. Well if you know me, you would know that I am a big fan. It makes me a wonder a lot of things.

Since this is a story that was handed down from generation to generation, a lot must have been lost. Right?

There is this one specific point in the story that moves me, that affects me a lot.

Yup! It is the disrobing of Draupadi.

As a female in our Indian society, I have been through and seen a lot. So this one scene speaks to me a lot. A lot more than it normally should.

I keep thinking. What was going on in Draupadi’s head at that time? Is that how a woman who gives in looks like? How come every single guy in that court sat there and cried but didn’t say “Fuck it” and go help her?
Well these are the usual questions we all get.

But today I got one more question.

When Dhuchadhana starts pulling her saree, he is all arrogant. I mean how long could that piece of clothe protect her? So he goes on. But then with Krishna’s power somehow somewhere he senses that this is not going to stop. He should have right? After three spins, a normal saree would come off. So when her dress just kept coming why in the world didn’t he stop and see that something beyond his powers are working there?

Was he that arrogant? Even when a frigging super power is protecting this girl in a very evident manner, he decides to test it?

I think that is exactly the situation we all are facing now. Every single woman I know has been put in Draupadi’s place. And almost most of the guys I know have been in Krishna’s place. Their help would have been there. Just not in a very visible state.

But every guy out there… They are all dhuchadhana-s. Not for the part where he starts disrobing a queen. But for the part where he won’t stop. Even after he sees that this girl is backed up by a supreme power. His ego cannot allow that.

It is the same with guys now. More women are coming out and complaining. More people are raising their voice against such crimes. With the help of technology there are a lot of ways in which one could get caught red-handed. But they still go ahead and do it. Why? Because they have a different genitalia than women? Or their ego is bigger than Mt.Everest?

I am not sure. But every molester I have seen, has this bloody ego and arrogance over them. That “so what” attitude.

So what? you ask…

It won’t affect you for now. I am clearly waiting for an actual mahabharatha war now. Even after the whole episode with Draupadi she had to wait for almost two decades before she got justice right?

When that is the case with the incarnate of Goddess Parvati, what sort of quick justice would a mere human like you and me get?

So in the far future we will get justice. Not now. The time isn’t right.

But some fine day Dhuchadhana-s out there would be afraid to touch a girl without her permission.
I am not sure if that would happen within this century or the next millennium. I don’t know that. What I do know is that that day will come. A day when men and women will not have to fear anyone.


Here is the link that made me write this…


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