OK Bye Jaanu!

Maniratnam’s tamil scripts just don’t work in Bollywood. Maybe for the people who watch only Hindi movies. But not for us anyway.

We still celebrate Alaipayuthey but loathe Saathiya. Same goes for Yuva and Raavan.

But those movies were a box office hit there. We just hate them because they did not give the same feel as the tamil versions did. Now the recent loathing is with OK Jaanu.

Formerly done in tamil as OK Kanmani. Although it wasn’t like a box office hit and all, people still liked the way romance was portrayed between the two leads. But ever since OK Jaanu trailer and songs started appearing on social media, people have been realizing that they did not celebrate and cherish the tamil version enough.
I guess this is the director’s way of saying “Appo avalo kutham kandu pudicha la… Ippo sollu da paapom” (You found so many mistakes in it back then na. Now try me)

I mean when OK Kanmani released there were mixed reviews everywhere. Suddenly everyone was talking about how the movie was no way being truthful about the reality of live in relationships. I still don’t understand what people expect from a movie. So you watch a musical and complain that people in real life don’t start singing for every situation in their lives? Well expectations change I suppose.
But now every tamil who watched and found anything to complain about OKK would be like “Oh my goodness. OK Kanmani was so good. Why are they screwing it up this much?”

I may not be able to point out why everyone is losing their shit over this movie. But I can point out why it is not working out.  Even though OK Jaanu is a different take on OK Kanmani, we all love our versions of Aadhi and Thara.

For me Kanmani is this girl with cuteness. She is bold with her own limitations and hesitations. And I will never ever imagine Kanmani wearing ridiculous outfits (please see what Shraddha wears in Humma song)
That is so not her.
If they had made most of the songs different from the tamil version the outrage would have been much lesser I suppose. Since they just remade the whole album (almost I think) more people are trying to go back to the tamil songs that had been skipped on their playlist for a while now.
The first problem was to remake the evergreen Humma Humma song into a version thats nowhere close to what 90’s kids grew up with.
Then the whole cuteness between the pair which is what the movie was all about was missing between the lead pair in Hindi. There was chemistry. Just not the same cuteness we witnessed between Dulquer and Nithya.
One more thing I found a bit different was the way intimacy was shown in both the versions.

If you watch Aye Sinamika you will see the lead pair dancing, feeding the fish, doing yoga kicking and hitting each other.

If you watch Enna Sona you will see the lead pair kissing, dancing in the rain, kissing, going in the train and more kissing.

Now I am not against these lip-lock scenes. It just doesn’t give the feel of intimacy we felt between our Aadhi and Thara. Or maybe I am just this backward minded person who still seeks love in all the little things that makes life more interesting.

Oh wait, isn’t that what the movie is supposed to be?

I might be wrong.

I just don’t care.

Or I am just too smitten by the tamil Aadhi and Thara that I can never accept any other Aadhi and Thara ever.



2 thoughts on “OK Bye Jaanu!

  1. Oh yeah! I was and still am a big fan of OKK. It is one of those feel good movies which makes me smile and blush even if my entire life is going bonkers.

    OK Jaanu makes me seethe and rage. Over nothing, obviously. But still How can they just rip my favourite dress apart?? How can they ruin my favorite sambhar with all the amchoor powder around??

    I am sad, for OK Jaanu. It definitely isn’t ok jaanu. 😦

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