Its your body!

Its not fair! I went to gym for like ONE WEEK. And after that I couldn’t go. I am still gaining weight like crazy.
Oh yeah! Ofcourse I ate all that junk food. It comforts me. But that still is no reason for my body to just keep gaining weight.


This is pretty much the kind of rant I put up with on a daily basis. This is what a recent acquaintance of mine keeps saying almost every other day. Basically she won’t push herself to go to the gym or do any other physical activity, will eat all sorts of junk food and will complain that god is not being fair to her.

Although it annoyed me to no extent, it got me thinking.

I know a lot of people (both guys and girls) who have similar opinions and I haven’t seen any of them make an effort to change anything about it. Now more than others body shaming you don’t you think it begins from you?

And it is very intermittent. If one is always going to hate the way they look, they will actually move their ass to work out. It is those people who keep changing their mind about whether they love their body or not. Those are the ones who take up a nice New Year Resolution but don’t live up to it through the second week of January also.
Whether you love your body or not is something that you have to decide. If you can live with being over sized, well and good. Embrace it and be happy with it. I do know a few plus sized people who are pretty happy the way they are. If you don’t like it, well do something about it. After all it is something that is still in your control. You have the ability to change it. But you just lack the encouragement or the will power to do it.

It is tough. But it will be worth it.

I am saying that you gotta be happy and thankful that you still have the steering wheel at your hands.

I wasn’t thankful. I didn’t pay much attention to a lot of things. Kept wishing I was invisible. I did not thank god for providing me with a beautiful and healthy body. Well maybe because of that I guess, my body went out of my control. I used to have episodes where I could hear and feel everything. But I can’t move a muscle.

It was horrible. To be that helpless.

So when I did get better I made it a point to be thankful. I do not have picture perfect figure or clear skin or anything that is anywhere near good.
What I do have is a healthy body, a happy soul, and a mind that I am trying to keep clear.
Timely diet, occasional binge on junk food, a little bit of exercise and good sleep. This is all I could manage for now. But I think this is a good start.


It took some time. But I am happy with the way I look/feel. I can look at myself in the mirror and feel good.
Please don’t think that being over weight is a bad thing.

Any thing that you can change is a good thing. Any thing that you cannot change, well that is something we can talk about in a later blog post I suppose. When I have had the hang at dealing with frustration, I would go on and say it.

Be Thankful. Be Happy!


One thought on “Its your body!

  1. “What I do have is a healthy body, a happy soul, and a mind that I am trying to keep clear.”
    Well said… To add to it, You have beautiful eyes which I always loved šŸ˜šŸ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

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