So many hours

How many of you here like movies?

I certainly do. Anyone reading my blog can see that I suppose. Movies are sort of my go to pass time. Something I could do on my own. And something that makes me feel things.

Makes me feel happy, sad, calm, hopeful, entertained, or just not bored.

It keeps me company. I somehow end up sitting in places where I don’t know anyone or I can’t ask anyone to keep me company. So I grab my bag and head over to the nearest movie theatre to catch some film.

One fine day I decided I didn’t want to do anything. And I had this really long movie series on my hdd. So I sat down with the laptop and started watching Lord Of The Rings. Now each movie is around three and half hours minimum. I am talking about the extended cuts. So that comes to around 11-12 hours solid.

That was my first Movie Marathon. And the fun part was I did it when I had a competitive exam to prepare for. The study holidays was used to do this.

I also do this at movie theatres. Booked tickets for back to back movies and just spent the entire day in the movie hall. People still are perplexed at the idea of me watching a movie alone. I guess if I tell them all this they will faint.

I don’t do actual marathons where people run for five or ten kilometres. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
This is the kind of marathon that I do and its helluva fun!

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