Hey Honey…

What happens when two people who have mutual interests go on a date? Well read and find out! 


“So why are you two fighting again?” Jai asked as he sipped on the beer. It was their usual sports night. But unlike Jai his buddy Harish wasn’t that excited about it. He had been pretty silent since the match started.
It had to be a fight. Ever since he started dating that girl he met online, they have been fighting on and off. Most of the times it would be something really petty.
“We are not fighting.” Harish went back to scowling as the match went on.
“Dude just because you two disagreed on something doesn’t mean you have to let that ruin our sports night too.”
When he was still silent, Jai put his hands up in defeat.
“You are right.” Harish spoke up. “I shouldn’t be sitting silently and scowling.”
“Yeah so let’s go back to the game.”
Half his sentence was drowned by the enthusiastic Harish yelling “I will tell you what happened and you can tell me who was right…”
That was not exactly what the former was suggesting. But then he agreed just to get it over with.In hopes that once the story was over they could go back to the game.
“So, there was this new restaurant we both were hearing a lot about. It was a neat little place. We placed our order and were talking. The date was going well until the food arrived.
This woman frigging took out her DSLR camera and started taking pictures of the food. And the drinks. And the restaurant. She was taking pictures of everything.”
“She didn’t take any pictures of you?”
“No! She was taking all those photos for her blog. Since that was a new restaurant she thought she would blog about it. And decided that our date night would be a good time to do it.”
“Okay then?”

“The photo session went on for about 20 minutes. By which time the food had gone cold. So we had to ask them to reheat it up for us. This is the first time that I have ever had to send food back to the kitchen to get it reheated.
I had ordered a mutton briyani and she had gotten herself some cottage cheese steak. When I started eating she started making faces.”
“What did you do?”
“Nothing… I just ate my food. I was using my bare hand and that upset her. Apparently, that did not look decent to her and I must eat it using a spoon. I looked like some sort uncivilized fellow per her.”
“But this is briyani we are talking about…”
“Exactly my point!” He hi-fived his pal and went on.
“Oh it did not end there. The dessert was another story. They had my all time favorite rasamalai. I suggested that and she wanted to get a brownie based dessert on the menu. I mean you don’t get good rasamalai at a lot of places. Why can’t she just go along with me for once? I keep trying her experimental food all the time. What is the point of being a foodie if you can’t have your favorite dessert? And when I actually said that out loud she got all upset and put on a frown face. We did not have any dessert. I dropped her off and came home.”
Jai now got why these two were fighting. When they first met online it was all too good for them. Both loved food. That was a good base to start dating. They spoke about their favorite food joints, shared recipes, went around trying different cuisines.
But what they did not know was their love for food was very different. While Harish is the kind of person who lives to eat, his girlfriend sort of lives to blog about what she eats. They love everything gastronomical, but the way they express it was poles apart.
“So it was one bad date. It happens dude…”
They sat there sipping on their beers.
“You are right!” Harish suddenly said getting up. “I should do something to make it up to her.”
“You are going to do it now? When the game is on?” Jai spoke trying to salvage what was left of their game night. “What are you doing?”
Harish was intently scrolling through something on his phone. “Oh I am ordering some brownies for her. It should be delivered to her in 30 minutes.”
Not long after he finished his order the doorbell rang.
“You gave this address?”
“No.” Harish opened the door.
A delivery executive was standing with a small box. “Order for Harish.”
“But I gave a different name and address.”
“No sir. This is the address given. One plate Rasamalai. Order is placed in your name.”
That moment his phone rang.
“Thanks” he said. “And I am sorry…” He added.
“Oh you got it too?”
“You like it?”
“He he he…”
And there sat Jai with his face resting on his palm, cursing under his breathe for even coming over.

And they happily kept fighting over food. Read more here

This post is written for the ‘Love Theme’ contest by The Chennai Bloggers Club in association with woodooz and Indian Superheroes

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