Er… No! Re…

I generally look up the daily post prompts. To see if something at all makes me write. Today’s (or yesterday’s) prompt was Center. While I scrolled through most of the posts I noticed that almost all of them were about being the center of the universe and attention seeking and what not. But you get the picture.

Well mine is not about that.

Sometimes I use the word “Center” and sometimes my phone auto-corrects it to “Centre” Honestly I have doubted myself for so long as to which one is the right spelling. I mean at one point I even thought that places/buildings would be using the R-E spelling while the other things could be using the E-R spelling. And I never bothered to check until now.
Turns out R-E is the British version and E-R is the American version. (Or vice versa) Yo! British people out there. Why you do this da?

Same with the spellings of Theater and Theatre, Organization and Organisation, Recognize and Recognise (all these Z-S related ones) and so on and so forth.

Honestly… Which one am I supposed to use? The British left our country long back. But their spelling is screwing us even now. Or maybe we should say screw you America and use the British versions only?


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