A-Z Food Cravings

I had previously decided not to participate in the A-Z Challenge. Due to my wonderful history last two times. Especially last year where I finished it by December. But then two days back I was just asking around if any of my pals were going to do it and suddenly it struck me. I can … Continue reading A-Z Food Cravings


Purple… Hmmm….

I saw today's prompts and didn't really understand what to write about the word Purple. I tried googling the colour psychology thing. But then when it showed that purple meant royalty, I was trying to figure out how or why? All I know is that purple is a colour that certainly does not suit a … Continue reading Purple… Hmmm….

Thanks Disney!

Thank you!  Thank you for letting me relive my all time favorite fairy tale one more time.  Thank you for making me relate to Belle so much. I know how it feels to be a cast out character.  Thank you for choosing a beautiful Belle. I don't think anyone else could have done it better.  … Continue reading Thanks Disney!