Thanks Disney!

Thank you! 

Thank you for letting me relive my all time favorite fairy tale one more time. 

Thank you for making me relate to Belle so much. I know how it feels to be a cast out character. 

Thank you for choosing a beautiful Belle. I don’t think anyone else could have done it better. 

Thank you for the wonderful visuals. Now I have a better version of the Beauty and the Beast to gush upon. 

Thank you for letting Belle and Beast bond over books. In a more casual way. 

Thank you for giving them more to talk about than just some silly songs and a huge library. I love how they fall in love with each other. I think I also fell in love with them.

Thank you for retaining the songs. I was able to recall most of them. 

Thank you for letting me sing along with Mrs.Potts one more time. Biggest spoiler alert would be when she does NOT say “off to the bed with you chip. It’s past your bed time.” 

Thank you for making Belle tie up her skirt hem when she is doing some work. Reminds me of how my father likes it when my mother ties up the saree while working.

Thank you for giving me the joy of laughing at Lumiere and Cogsworth. 

Thank you for letting me hate a character like Gaston. There are so many of them roaming the streets now.

Thank you for giving me one small escape when life felt very overwhelming. 

Thank you… I was able to cry when Belle confesses her love. 

Thank you for not ruining my feel good movie. 

Wish I had that book too…. I won’t come back ever…

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