3. The First Date


The festivities continued for another couple days. It was either going to some temple or a big hoard of relatives coming up with rituals that made absolutely no sense to Sanjana.
Growing up in a nuclear family she never had the chance to see any elaborate marriage or so many rituals included in one. Marriages in her family was usually a two day function and the third day mostly the couple will be busy with their honeymoon or busy moving into a separate apartment. She has never even seen a family where the kids stayed with the parents after getting married.
And with her parents gone she really had nowhere to turn to for advice also now.
“Hey Krish…” she asked as he got into bed that night.
“You are going back to work tomorrow right?”
“Yeah. Kanna already went. So it is only fair that I go by tomorrow at the least.” He spoke and turned around to face her. “You have something in mind?”
“No… Without you I just don’t have any idea what to do at home.” she gave him a nervous smile.
“Ha ha.. That is for you to figure out. There’s Veni. You have spoken to her. And Anni will be here only.”
“I just…” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She had no idea about the family’s routine. She just knew that Krish’s father ran multiple businesses and both Krish and his elder brother took care of it. Nothing more.
Sanju did not know if she was expected to do the cooking, or cleaning or everything now that she was the new daughter-in-law. She did see a couple of maids. But till now she hasn’t seen them do any of the cooking.
“I really don’t want to screw this up. I don’t want to get a bad name. That is why I am being so paranoid.” she spoke up.
“You won’t. Just be yourself and you will end up winning everyone’s hearts here. Don’t worry.” He placed a light kiss on her nose.
Krish’s harmless action made Sanjana’s heart flutter. For some reason she felt at peace and went to sleep.

She entered the coffee shop looking for the slightly familiar face. She actually did not remember how he looked. Choosing a table in the corner she sat down. Nervousness was obviously surging through her.
As she was lost in thoughts sipping her latte Krish sat in front of her apologising. 
“You did tell me you were going to be late…” she finished the caffeine drink and put down the empty cup. 
He just laughed and looked around. 
“This place sure is boring…” 
“Its a coffee shop. What did you expect?” 
“Have you gone bowling?” he asked with a slight grin. 

It was pretty much the most fun she had had in a long time. She figured it was because he wasn’t trying to impress her. She just gained a friend. 

Sanjana hesitantly entered the kitchen expecting women to be running across like chefs during busy hours. But she saw one of the maids chopping vegetables. She looked around expecting to run into at least one of her in-laws. Silently she made herself some coffee and went to sit by the dining table.
Sanju was a bit nervous. All fun and games were over and everyone was going back to their usual life. And it was time for her to take charge as a daughter-in-law. She just had no idea where to start or whom to ask. With so much in her mind she did not notice it when someone sat next to her by the dining table. She was a bit startled when a cup of fresh beverage was pushed towards her. 
“Oh I am sorry Ma… I was lost in thoughts…” 
Mythili just smiled a warm smile at the newly wed girl.
“Is that for Krish?” she pointed at the new coffee mug. 
“He generally prefers bed coffee.” Sanjana had the strong urge to roll her eyes. 
“Let me deliver this to him and then maybe you will let me help you with breakfast?” 
“Sure…” The smile was still the same. 

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She had a feeling that things were going to be just fine with her mother-in-law.  

I guess I don’t have a title for this series.. Well lets see how it goes.. Hope I could keep it going and finish it!

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