Purple… Hmmm….

I saw today’s prompts and didn’t really understand what to write about the word Purple.
I tried googling the colour psychology thing. But then when it showed that purple meant royalty, I was trying to figure out how or why? All I know is that purple is a colour that certainly does not suit a lot of girls. It makes me look fat… Or that is my thought process.


And then I thought that I will just jot down all the thoughts I get as I try to think about the colour purple.

Purple reminded me of Tomoyo Daidouji’s eye colour. How everything associated with her in fanfictions would always be in a shade of lavender or purple. I have always wanted to meet someone with such an eye colour. Definitely not going to happen as long as I am in India.
Purple reminded me of that bruise my friend showed me. She said her mother beat her black and blue. But her bruise was purple. I did not want to ask her this question at that time. Guess it stuck to me for so long. It was almost 6-7 years back.
Purple reminded me of this short story I read where a girl laughed about another girl having a purple bra. I still didn’t understand why that character thought of that to be weird.
Just yesterday my friend shared a picture of her wall. Her 2 year old daughter had coloured it purple. When she told us “My daughter has coloured the wall purple” the adult me thought wow the girl must have chosen the colour and the wall was completely purple. And then she showed the picture which was a scribbled on wall. For a moment I realized I had adult-ed too much to have thought like that… I need to be around kids more often. I had forgotten that we were talking about an adorable little girl.


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