A-Z Food Cravings: Briyani

Of course I am going to write about Briyani. What other food could be written for this alphabet? I mean there are a lot of foods out there. But when it comes to comfort food, this mixed masala-spicy rice item tops it. Any muslim guy/girl you spot will have atleast one guy/girl in their group who basically became friends with them for briyani.

This wonderful dish if it is home-cooked has one beautiful taste and when its from a restaurant it has a specific taste. But when you get the same briyani that is made as part of Ramadan Feast… Man!!!  That by itself is just another feel.

Whenever I am feeling a bit low, I order a plate of this bad boy and all the worry in this world vanishes away magically. As I take in a bit of the spiced rice along with the juicy meat. Mixed in some of the accompaniment gravy. As much as I am trying to put that feel into words, I am failing miserably. Although now the samba rice briyani is becoming a fashion, I prefer the one with basmati rice. The long grains, the varied colour of the rice, the succulent piece of mutton… maamamia!

Currently I am put up in Hyderabad. The Briyani Capital… But the only bummer here is they give a huge portion in one plate and I can never finish it easily. So I avoid getting it here since I don’t have any company to share the food. I miss it. 😦

The best briyanis I had in Chennai were from Ponnusmay- Royapettah, Zaitoon- Opp to EA, Aasife- Adyar branch. Of course I love cooking briyani too. Its pretty much the first dish I learnt to make.

It is the best food you can eat by yourself or share with a couple of friends. It is fun. Briyani is an emotion more than a food. Scroll down to see some of my briyani escapades (just a plate full of rice and mostly my hand on it right before I eat)

this was from kolapasi takeaway I think
Now this is a home-made prawn briyani I made for a few friends!
This is from aasife? No idea..
This is the recent one I clicked here in Hyderabad. The portion was way too large. Enough to feed me for a week 😛

Happy Eating!


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