A-Z Food Cravings: English Breakfast

Okay the title might make one raise a lot of questions. And no… I do not make the proper English Breakfast with beans and all. But then who doesn’t enjoy a nice heavy breakfast?

English Breakfast generally includes bread toast, eggs(scrambled or sunny side up), sausages, beans, mushroom and roasted tomatoes finally finishing the heavy meal with a cup of tea. I love making elaborate breakfasts. It puts me in a good mood in the morning and keeps me active until evening almost. So my version includes bread toast with a nice cheesy spread or chocolate spread, chicken sausages, scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes (this I do to get rid of the left over tomatoes) and finally a nice mug of hot tea.

I hate skipping breakfast. But most of the time I will be in a hurry to get to work or will realize that I have to buy groceries in the morning only. Its not that I hate a good Idly-vada or sambar idly combo… Will be covering those dishes in the future..

Elaborate or no… Still try to have something… A hungry tummy leads to cranky mood and you really don’t want that first thing in the morning. At least I don’t…


Happy Eating….


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