A-Z Food Cravings: Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Yup! I am talking about Nutella. And no.. I will not put it out for the letter N. N has something else coming up. So now its just this wonderful Hazelnut spread.

I don’t remember when I first tried it out. But I just remember the spread being so yummy that I put just a little bit on the bread but was licking it off the spoon more. I loved it so much that I would go through one whole jar in a week. Much to the dismay of my mother. And then I started living alone. Oh my… Nutella was always there on my shopping list. I would spread it on bread or biscuits and eat it. But most of the time it will be just the chocolate goodness straight off the jar.

I have tried making desserts with it too. A friend of mine made me a cheesecake with nutella in it. Oh my god! That was complete heaven for me.

Most people think the hazelnut and the chocolate makes it too sweet. But then it never bothered me… I don’t think it ever will…

So any nutella fans here?? Or you prefer good ol’ peanut butter? Or you like it all?

Happy Eating!


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