A-Z Food Cravings: Jughead Special

Any Chennaiite who has visited Fruit Shop On Greams Road would have seen this drink. Either on the menu or atleast one person ordering it in front of them.

For me it was my brother who introduced this drink to me. It is a thick milkshake which has an icecream base and a lot of dried fruits. Apart from that I honestly have no idea whats in it. But if you are hungry and feeling just dehydrated and thirsty this is one awesome drink to sit down with. It not only quenches your thirst but makes you feel filled up. It is a bit rich in taste and flavor you see.

Nope.. I do not own this pic. It is from trip advisor!

Thanks to Swiggy now I order this from the comfort of my home and have it when I am way too exhausted and just need a nice drink. I wish I could get the recipe for this. But then I suppose the whole trip to the shop and having it with a bunch of friends makes it much more special…

Feeling hungry?? And you just came back home after roaming under the hot sun? How about a nice milkshake? 😉

Happy Eating!


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