A-Z Food Cravings: Nuggets

This is like my favorite ever snack to munch on. Especially the cheese chicken nuggets make an awesome midnight snack.

Yup. You read it right. Midnight snack. More than it being a evening fun snack you get from McDonalds, I like to fry up the frozen chicken nuggets and have it with some oregano mixed mayonnaise. When I was under a lot of heavy medication, my appetite was screwed up like hell. Usually I would just boil up some milk and have some hot chocolate.
But then my mom started giving me hell about which milk I used and why I used a certain pot to boil it and so on, I started avoiding that. When I looked for quick snack options these frozen ones were fun. I could fry them up and eat it off.

I didn’t have a picture. So took one off google!
I started experimenting with cheese sticks and chicken ones. But I guess the chicken nuggets just stuck to me.

Apart from these I also love the McD chicken nuggets along with the mustard sauce they give. That is one fun combination.

My favorite nuggets related memory is this awesome couple I met a year ago (or has it been two years?) Every time the word nuggets pops up I tease them and the fun part is they play along with me making it much more fun for me. 

 So I guess this post is dedicated to them although they don’t eat nuggets much!
Happy Eating! 



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