A-Z Food Cravings: Omelette

Anyone who has lived alone would have had eggs always written in their inexistent grocery list. It was the easiest to cook. It was healthy and you can have it raw as well. (ewwww)

But then omelette is pretty much the first thing any teenager (one who eats egg that is) living alone will learn to make. It could be as easy as just beaten eggs with salt and pepper, or it could be our little version of a half boil, or even a proper omelette with onions and tomatoes and such.
My lazy breakfast is to just dump a load of veggies (onions, tomatoes and some carrot) with a couple of eggs and make a bulky omelette. This I have with some ketchup. But that would be it.

Looks pretty much like the bulky omelette that I make!

I have tried making that half flipped ones with all the veggies and stuffing inside. Never works with the pan that I had. But I shall keep trying to get the perfect omelette du fromage…


Happy Eating!


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