A-Z Food Cravings: Pizza

I am a sucker for Pizza.

At least once a week I will sit and hog on a cheese burst pizza all by myself. Being this emotional eater, pizza is the one sure shot food item that cheers me up no matter what. Especially the ones I get almost around 10.30pm by begging the delivery guy to just do this as the last delivery.

The cheese and the equal amounts bread in it finished off with the little bit meat (always chicken) is just the right thing for me when I am going through mood swings or just plainly upset. The more cheese on it, the better.

I personally prefer pizza hut’s pizza. But most people like it from dominos. I like this nice deep dish pizzas with a soft bread base. I know this is not the whole healthy diet. But who cares. If food makes me happy I am sure as hell gonna eat it. We live our life to be happy right? Or we have some other agenda?

When that pizza is delivered and you open the box… It is just pure joy! The cheese stuffed in the crust and the sauce that just makes it all the more better. Now I am craving for pizza. Well hope you do too… If not, here is a pic I clicked a couple days back!

Got it from Eagle Boys Pizza.. It was pretty nice!


Happy Eating!


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