A-Z Food Cravings: Quick Food

By quick food I mean the stuff you whip up within 5-10 minutes. When there is literally nothing in your pantry and you have to settle for that very old packet of maggi or ramen that is just lying in the corner of the shelf. After spending my college years in hostels and dorms we learn how to enjoy basic cup noodles.

Nowadays there are a lot of other stuff that comes under quickie food. Be it maggi, cup soup, oats (masala oats only)
All you need is some nice hot water and you are set. I know its not healthy. But what can a person living in a small dorm room do? Cook up a gourmet meal?

And slowly this unhealthy food option just grows on you. Sometimes I crave for a good cup of maggi or ramen. Although there are a lot of other brands that has come out with 2 min noodles. But I prefer to stick to the wonderful ever Top Ramen or Maggi 🙂


Happy Eating!


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