A-Z Food Cravings: Rasam

If you ever told your mother that you were having a cold, she would most probably make pepper rasam for lunch and ask you to drink it. 

This easy to make and easy to digest food item is another common comfort food for a lot of South Indians. Best part is the side dish we can pair with this. You can literally have anything with it. Left over vegetable curry, fried chicken, pickle, chips…. Anything.  

This delicacy is the go to food item if someone has the flu. When curd is out of the picture rasam rice is the best food you can give to the sick person. Man now I  want some rasam rice and popcorn chicken. 

The non-vegetarian variety of rasam is the best. It’s basically a nicely spiced broth of whichever meat we need. Kozhi rasam and nandu rasam are the most awesome cures for common cold. 

Keep calm and have some rasam! 

Image from NDTV foods

Happy Eating! 


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