A-Z Food Cravings: Tea

The post for T was guest written by my dear friend Megha who blogs at Vaayla Saturn.
She is also doing the A-Z Challenge and you could read them here.
The elixir of life that saves many people from succumbing to suicide or from murdering their bosses, the brown coloured beauty which reiterates the fact that colour is not a big deal when it comes to love, the poly juice potion which transforms unbearable people into adorable people, something which helps in cementing friendships and never breaking up anything.  Yes.  That’s the magic I am talking about.  Tea.
Chai-Sutta is not a word, it is an emotion.  The mandatory tea break between sessions make life livable for many out there.
A very British thing, tea is equally yummy in every combination.  Hot, cold, with milk or without it, sweet or otherwise, tea is loved and respected by all.
Lemon tea, peach iced tea, sweet tea, green tea, bubble tea,  you name it and I bet it has its own loyal fan following.
I depend heavily on tea to refresh me up, in the middle of a busy day.  If that’s a cup of steaming hot tea with a healthy infusion of ginger, cardamom and spices, nothing like it.
Pro tips-
1. Try teaming the cup of tea with some hot onion samosas and thank me later.
2. Never ever say a No to an invitation to have tea.  That’s not what friends do.
Feel like having a nice cup of tea now?
Happy Drinking!

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