A-Z Food Cravings: Upma

This staple food of every tired mom (or lazy or just bored mom) is something everyone would have despised at one point. But then would have started liking it when they are the ones who had to do the cooking. And sometimes might even crave for a good upma.

My favorite happens to be semiya upma. I hate the rava/suji one. With the lightly fried onions and the tiny pieces of ginger, semiya upma is something my mom includes in our breakfast menu when I am home. This dish that goes with some sugar on the side also could be eaten with a nice coconut or peanut chutney.

Something that practically never gets stale is an easy dish so much so that no one realizes it unless they are the ones who are cooking it! Add some cashews to it and make it nice and rich. Or just eat it plain so that you put some food in your tummy when you are broke af… It is cheap given that suji is very easy to get as well.Β 


Happy Eating!


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