A-Z Food Cravings: Virgin Mojito

I like to go to places where I can just sit and sip a nice drink. Some times it could be cozy little coffee shops. Some times it could be a decent pub/bar where the music a tad bit louder. But I like going to such places. I don’t frequent bars though. That is something I need to learn to do more. But I get to go to these stand up comedy shows and open mics. Those usually take place in a pub. And being a non-drinker I don’t get much options when I have to order.

I hate aerated drinks. Grew up with the thought that I was allergic to them. A mild soda was fine though. That is when I came across this drink. A mojito.

Basically a minty, lime flavored cocktail that contains rum could be made without the alcohol and it would still taste good. Most places add 7up to it. But instead if some club soda is added it makes it much better. I experimented a bit with the various non-alcoholic options and decided this one is my drink. So wherever I go, I get a nice little virgin mojito and sit with it. It is refreshing and a bit slightly sweet. There is soda in it that keeps my blood sugar levels considerably up.

 In Chennai I had the best mojito served in Bay 146 (Savera) It was okay-ish at Social though. Too much 7up for my liking. The other place that I could remember is this Asian restaurant we went to in Pondicherry. The name of that place slips my mind but the mojito was pretty nice. So much so that I was asking for a refill on it (I generally don’t do that)





For this hot hot summer, a nice cold drink would be wonderful na?


Happy Drinking!


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