A-Z Food Cravings: Xtra food

I seriously could not come up with a decent food item that started with the letter X. What I could do was think up of a concept that did though. xtra sambar, xtra ketchup, xtra chutney, xtra raita… We ask for a little bit more of everything, don’t we?

The condiments provided with any food item is never enough for us. We always tend to ask for more of it and get a lot of dagger looks from the person serving us. Most of the times it will be sambar. Ratna Cafe sambar is more than just famous. They give idly like that is the condiment here.


My sambar guilt trip would be at sangeetha hotel. That idly just soaks up all the sambar that they give. I need more to just soak it up na? Another xtra food item I used to ask is Mayonnaise. During my college times I go to this burger joint. They have this really awesome mayo which they give along with garlic bread. That mayo is so tasty that everyone would ask for an xtra helping of it. Then the shop keeper decided he would charge for it and now xtra mayo is 10 or 15 rupees.

Now after coming to Hyderabad, I have started asking a little bit xtra raita. Man! Those briyanis are just too spicy to be eaten alone or with another spicy gravy. A bit of curd could help with the flavor and not burn my tongue.


Which food item makes you say “Apdiye saapduven?”

Happy Eating!


6 thoughts on “A-Z Food Cravings: Xtra food

  1. When I was in college, my dad, sister and I would go to have Pav Bhaji (every Sunday) in Mumbai. Without fail we would ask for an extra plate of pavs 😁😁 After that dessert was at Natural’s ice cream parlour.

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