A-Z Food Cravings: Yellow Rice

So this friend of mine brings me one rice item. He is a muslim and when I asked him for authentic bhai veetu briyani he said “My mom makes a different rice dish. That is the special in our house hold. I will bring it next time she makes it.” And when he did bring one box for me I just fell in love with it.

I have no idea what it is. He calls it yellow rice. I think its a pulao type spiced rice made with coconut milk. The accompaniment for this would be one sambar like dish and one mutton curry. So any vegetarians could have it with sambar and non-vegetarians could have it with the mutton or pair it with any curry really.

That idiot is not giving me the recipe for this dish though. Not that he is guarding any secret. He is just too damn lazy to get it from his mom. So I have no idea how they make it. But then now the deal with this friend of mine is that whenever his mom makes this Yellow Rice he should bring me one box of it.

P.S: I don’t have any pics also… Generally I eat it up the moment I get it 😀


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