A-Z Food Cravings: Zaitoon Spl BBQ

I know I shouldn’t be endorsing any place or anything. But then I couldn’t come up with any food item that starts with Z as well. This particular dish though!

I order it every time I have the bad craving to just eat like a cave man. No decency whatsoever. Just dig in and eat using both hands, tearing meat off the bones… This bbq chicken is just awesome. I don’t have to even try that hard. The meat is cooked so well that it literally falls off the bone. The spicy chicken is paired with some hummus and some mayo(I think its mayo only.. no idea) and pita bread.

Oh the taste of that pita bread and the chicken dipped in the mayo! Oh man!

Great now I am craving for it.

This has been my midnight guilt trip to fridge quite a bit. But one nice dish that I would happily order any time I go to that restaurant!



And that concludes my A-Z series! Yayyyyy!!!!


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